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I am Jinesh working along with Swathantra Malayalam Computing(
http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/smc). I prepared some enhancements to
the to the 'in' layout file for indic languages. The enhacements were for
malayalam and the patches were submitted to the freedesktop bugzilla on
14-9-2007. It can be found here,


 I am adding a brief summery of my enhancements along with. I added two
basic enhancements to the in file,

1. Fixing bugs with current mal variant for Malayalam by adding ZWNJ and
ZWSP which will help to avoid forming of some conjuncts which will make
meaning differences among word if not used and hence crucial in Malayalam.
2. Added a new variant Lalitha for Malayalam, which is similar to bolnagri
for Devanagari. It is mapping Malayalam letters to similar sounded English
letters using a four layer layout. The mapping also ensures all special
symbols to be not disturbed and uses only spaces of the letters.

Hope the further actions on the submitted patches will be taken as soon as
possible for the benefit of the whole group of malayalees.


Jinesh K J
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