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Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Sat Sep 22 13:15:39 PDT 2007


On Sat, Sep 22, 2007 at 03:43:51PM -0400, Jeremy Bongio wrote:
> I currently in grad school for comp sci and I was looking for a master's
> thesis topic when someone mentioned the X server scheduler.
> I read the documentation and code for the "Smart" Scheduler.
> It's a priority scheduler with some optimizations and looks as if it's about
> 8 or 9 years old?
> With recent developments I was thinking it may be fruitful to see if this
> could be improved any further. This brings up a few questions.
> 1. Do you know if anyone else is working or discussed working on the
> scheduler?

Not really: it's being more or less left alone.

> 2. In the documentation it mentions Keith Packard had interactivity and
> benchmark numbers in mind. Does anyone know which
> benchmarks he was speaking of or how he measured interactivity?

Have you read http://keithp.com/~keithp/talks/usenix2000/smart.html ?
That probably provides the best clues.

> 3. Would there be interest in this?

We're interested in anything that improves X, so yeah. :)

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