HW Cursor

sshachar at t2.technion.ac.il sshachar at t2.technion.ac.il
Sun Sep 23 06:04:25 PDT 2007

Second issue today.. HW Cursor.

What is the expected compositing model for ARGB cursors?

The reason I'm asking is I'm having the following issue: My blender implements a
strict non-premultiplied Porter/Duff model and so when the background (say, X's
root window pattern) is blended with the cursor I get black (zero) dest pels
wherever the background has zero alpha.

I would have expected that in everything drawn behind the cursor would have
proper alpha values (so that no pel should have 'final' zero alpha, that is,
the ARGB pel when everything but the cursor is drawn, should have nonzero A).


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