seemingly random crash on shutdown with Xorg 7.3

dark_mail at dark_mail at
Sun Sep 23 12:35:47 PDT 2007

Since I switched to Xorg 7.3, I have encountered a quite annoying problem:

Shutting down the computer (specs to follow), switching to an
non-graphical runlevel, in short stopping Xorg sometimes causes the
computer to hang.

I'm not sure if Xorg causes the problem, but since it started after the
upgrade, I presume it is at least part of the problem.

Sometimes the screen is just black (with backlight turned on), sometimes
there are some grey rectangles scattered over the black screen.
I have tried playing with some configuration options (direct rendering,
composition), but still cannot reproduce the error (sometimes it works,
sometimes it crashes with unchanged configuration).

For some time it always crashed this way, but after a resolution change
(booted with attached beamer), it started working part-time (up until
the time uf this writing)

System specs:
Samsung X20 Laptop
Intel i810 graphics
1400x1050 screen resolution
Gentoo Linux 2.6.22
Xorg 7.3
Xfce 4.4

I hope someone can make some sense out of this, I'm out of ideas what
else to try.


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