XDMCP over Xephyr, etc.

Alex Malinovich alex at malinovich.name
Mon Sep 24 00:36:20 PDT 2007

> I'd like to try running XDMCP over Xephyr instead of Xnest.  Hoping
> for something
> as easy as:
>     gdmflexiserver -n -l

Hey, better late than never, right? (It's only been... 9 months or so
since the original question. :) Just in case you haven't found the
answer for this yet, yes you can do this. It took me quite a bit of
digging around to find it, but you can basically just run Xephyr with
the "-query somehost" parameter and a display name and off you go. In my
case, I'm connecting to a host named roosevelt over XDMCP, so I do:

Xephyr -query roosevelt :1

(You have to give it a DISPLAY value that isn't already being used, so
if you've already got two X sessions running (:0 and :1) you'd need to
use :2 and so on.)

And if you did already find the answer, well, hopefully this'll help
some other Googler in 9 months or so. :)

Alex Malinovich
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