Antialiased Fonts Acceleration

sshachar at sshachar at
Mon Sep 24 09:10:44 PDT 2007

Quoting Michel Dהnzer <michel at>:

> Right, if the driver PrepareAccess hook always returns FALSE, EXA will
> always download the pixmap contents from offscreen to system (using the
> driver DownloadFromScreen hook when available) and perform software
> operations on the system copy.

Ok, but still - won't I have issues with EXA's memory manager when, for
instance, EXA allocates an 8bpp pixmap 10x10 but when the CPU accesses it I
expand it to 32bpp internally, meaning it takes up 10x40 so more linear
addresses are actually used. How can I bypass this? are there hooks in the
memory manager too?

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