ARGB off the off-screen

sshachar at sshachar at
Tue Sep 25 00:55:02 PDT 2007

Quoting Daniel Stone <daniel at>:

> Sounds like you need to use wfb.

Thank you, Daniel. What is this wfb? A Google search didn't lead me anywhere,
neither did a wiki search or sifting through my R6.8/R7.1 code

BTW there must be a way for current video cards to achieve this, no? (otherwise
they could for instance decode say video to an offscreen pixmap, potentially
with an alpha channel or a color key, and have the accelerator copy the decoded
frames or damaged regions of the window containing the frame into onscreen. but
now consider HD video at 60 or even higher frame rates - this is adds a huge
amount of seemingly unecessary work when their decoder could simply deploy
frames directly to the screen with the same alpha map or color key. The same is
true for 3D rendered frame buffers)

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