Release criteria for X11 releases

R.L. Horn lists at
Tue Sep 25 16:41:01 PDT 2007

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> We seem to be loosening and loosening what it takes to declare
> an X11 release shipped, and X11R7.3 seems to have lowered the
> bar even further.

Well, I'm glad somebody finally said it.  Even the filenames are 
inconsistent with previous releases.  What's worse, with no update 
directory (and no clear indication as to which tarballs are 
R7.3-specific), the version of each and every package has to be compared 
with what's already installed.

I'm not a distributor, but I do build and maintain my own systems.  I took 
one look at R7.3 and said to myself, "Uh-uh...not worth the trouble."

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