X.Org + Savage3D + TV *ONLY*

Josh Finlay montaro at exemail.com.au
Tue Sep 25 20:33:18 PDT 2007


I've tried every xorg.conf configuration I know, and some I found on the internet but I can't seem to get X.Org working as I would like it to.

I have a small Ubuntu Linux machine in my lounge room, connected to the network via wireless. It is hooked to the television, and has no monitor, keyboard or mouse. I want to remotely administer is (via VNC or even only SSH) to load and play movies/shows for my daughter on the TV via the TV-Out. At present it is being done using a wireless AV transmitter/receiver from the TV-Out of a windows machine .. but this has two down falls.

a) It ties up a machine everytime she wants to watch her shows (Almost every waking hour!!)
b) The wireless AV frequently interferes with the wireless network as they are both 2.4GHz, and this runs havoc with the laptops.

How do I go about configuring xorg to do what I want? I'm about to pull my hair out with frustration.

Look forward to hearing from someone.

Kindest Regards,

Josh Finlay
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