[PATCH] fix drm_i915_flip_t breakage

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 16:09:42 PDT 2007

> I've got a few issues using the git heads of Mesa, DRM and xf86-video-intel:
> 1. The Mesa 7.0.2 branch doesn't build with drm/master.
> Compiling dri_bufmgr.c:
> ../common/dri_bufmgr.c: In function 'driFenceBuffers':
> ../common/dri_bufmgr.c:102: warning: passing argument 3 of
> 'drmFenceBuffers' makes integer from pointer without a cast
> ../common/dri_bufmgr.c:102: error: too few arguments to function
> 'drmFenceBuffers'
> Compiling i915tex/intel_buffers.c:
> intel_buffers.c: In function 'intelWindowMoved':
> intel_buffers.c:290: error: 'drm_i915_flip_t' has no member named 'pipes'
> intel_buffers.c:298: error: 'drm_i915_flip_t' has no member named 'pipes'
> intel_buffers.c: In function 'intelPageFlip':
> intel_buffers.c:764: error: 'drm_i915_flip_t' has no member named 'pipes'
> Is this supposed to work?  If so, please fix it.
> If Mesa 7.0.2 is not intended to work with drm/master, what revision of
> drm should work?

It should build against the last release of libdrm, not master, master
isn't released and when it gets released it'll be libdrm3 due to the
ttm api...  if it can't build against that due to the missing TTM then
disable i915tex builds by default...

Now if there isn't a current release we can build Mesa 7.0.2 against
that is an issue, I also think we shouldn't be building i915tex by
default in Mesa 7.0.2 until we can get the API issues all sorted out
otherwise we'll just get pain in the future..


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