how to show job running inside solaris into linux and windows desktops

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Fri Sep 28 22:07:56 PDT 2007

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From: "Jose Dragone" <jose.dragone at>
> Question: "how to show job running inside solaris into linux and windows
> desktops"

  I don't know about Windows (I can try if I need), however, X11
applications on Solaris can display on FreeBSD desktop.  I beleave you
can display on Linux desktop.

  There is two ways to display Solaris applications on Linux desktop.
Case "A" uses ssh X11 forwarding, "B" uses X11 feature directory.

  In case of "A":

  Ssh on FreeBSD(Linux) makes everything you need, you can simply try
likes that:
linux$ ssh -Y solaris-host-name 
  You can get a Solaris shell in your terminal.  Environment variable
"DISPLAY" is sat by ssh automatically (it will be localhost:10:0 or
so), you do not have to set DISPLAY by hand.
  Some old ssh implementation has no -Y option, if so, please use -X
option.  But by my experiments, -X will fail in some situations.
  If your solaris machine is configured to reject X11 forwarding,
contact your system administrator to modify the configuration.  It is
controlled by X11Forwarding variable in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (the
location can be different by installation).

  Some old solaris's broken X11 libraries and SSH makes a trouble.
1. If your ssh set DISPLAY as hostname:10.0 instead of localhost:10.0,
   you should replace hostname part to IP address of the host.
   For example, DISPLAY is, replace it (if IP address of is
   Some solaris's broken X11 library replace hostname:10.0 to
   unix:10.0 internally, then ssh cannot catch it.  Old SSH has
   NONSTANDARD_IP_ADDRESS_X11_KLUDGE compile option to deal with this
2. If your X11 application cannot open display with some authentication
   problem, you must make a X11 tunnel by hand.  I know some
   applications are linked with broken libraries.
   You can see details about it on my blog:

  In any case, some solaris application uses non-standard fonts.  If
you cannot read some text in application window, you should use X11
fontserver (xfs) to use Solaris fonts by Linux desktop.

  In case of "B":

  If solaris machine and your linux machine can communicate directly
(there is no firewall/NAT), you can display application windows to
Linux desktop by simply set DISPLAY variable on solaris.
  At first, permit linux's X11 server to accept request from solaris:
linux$ xhost +hostname-of-solaris
  Next, set DISPLAY to connect to linux's X11 server
solaris$ DISPLAY=hostname-of-linux:0.0
solaris$ export DISPLAY
  After that, you can launch an application on solaris,
solaris$ xterm

  If you use csh instead of bash on solaris, 
solaris% setenv DISPLAY hostname-of-linux:0
will work.

  If your linux desktop's display number is not 0.0 (likes 10.0),
replace to corresponding value.

Thank you.
Takamichi Tateoka (tate at

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