Xfbdev based server acceleration without offscreen pixmap?

MD Tsai md.tsai at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 03:16:44 PDT 2007


I'm working for Xfbdev based server KAA acceleration. After reading mailing
list, I found this is discussed before. But I still failed.

When I trace to kaa.c, in kaaDrawInit, there are two condition to hookup
offscreen pixmap. First is the flag, this is already set to
Second is "screen->off_screen_base < screen->memory_size". In my case,
off_screen_base is equal to memory size so it is impossible to hookup.

If I want to hook KAA, should I modify frame buffer's driver to let
memory_size > off_screen_base or any other things to do? Please give me some
hints about this.

Thanks in advance,

Eric Tsai
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