i830m, no 1400x1050 LCD / xrandr

dark_mail at gmx.net dark_mail at gmx.net
Sat Sep 29 04:44:14 PDT 2007

Benjamin Hagemann schrieb:
> * dark_mail at gmx.net <dark_mail at gmx.net> [2007-09-28 16:30]:
>> Benjamin Hagemann schrieb:
>>> and "/usr/sbin/855resolution -f 1 3c 1400 1050" for vbios
>> Have you tried 915resolution?
>> http://www.geocities.com/stomljen/
>> It adds missing resolutions int video BIOS.
> vBIOS is updated - when I understand this right, this "extern" update
> was needed by usinge the old i810 driver, but the new intel 2.x has this
> function built-in?!
Looks like you are right.
To change the resolution from within X use the following Option (excerpt):

"The syntax to override a BIOS resolution is below. You place the option
in the driver section.

Option "ForceBIOS" "1024x768=1400x1050"

This will re-program the old 1024x768 to become a new 1400x1050 one."

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