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Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Sat Sep 29 10:10:38 PDT 2007

On 9/29/07, Darren ONeil <darrenoneil at> wrote:
> Please correct me if this is not the right place for this issue.
> I am a Feisty Ubuntu user and a while ago I changed from fglrx to ati
> drivers with no problems (Intel 3 GHz box, LG widescreen LCD with an ATI
> Radeon 9600 card). The ati driver seemed much better. Then one day, I got
> the black screen of death instead of a login window for Gnome. No key combos
> would bring me out of the black screen and back to the console. Instead I
> rebooted to console and ran dpkg-reconfigure. I am able to get VESA working
> with no problem and if I reinstall fglrx, it will work fine but for the life
> of me, I can't get the ati driver to work again. It makes no difference if I
> am starting xserver from console or from a clean boot, it gets hung up at
> the same point - just when you would expect the login screen to pop up.
> Looking for some things to try. Any help appreciated. I am not a linux
> expert - just somebody trying to optimize my machine.

Open a bug on and attach your xorg log
and config and what version of the driver you are using.


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