Xephyr window placement (geometry support)?

davor emard davoremard at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 01:47:16 PDT 2007


Does xephyr in any form support placement of its initial window to
some origin other than 0,0 (upper left corner)
I'd like to have something like -geometry +640+0 to place xephyr's
initial window to origin x=640 y=0? This should be done from gdm

This is for dual head support where we have just one big monitor for
2 users. On the big monitor I'd run hardware X server at resolution
1280x800 and on it I'd like to run 2 xephyrs each of size 640x800
one next to another, side-by-side (each xephyr with evdev keyboard and mouse)

For me everything works except that I cannot place second xephyr
at +640+0 origin (I tried option -origin 640 0 for the second xephyr but
its window still appears at +0+0 and covers first xephyr, this is on
xserver-xephyr 2.1.4 from debian)

Is there any (simple) way (env vars, anything?) that I can from gdm
place xephyr's initial window on different origin position?

Best regards, Davor

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