Re : Hw to help debug an intel driver problem?

manu eallaud at
Sun Sep 30 17:43:14 PDT 2007

On 09/30/2007 07:18:12 AM, Raúl Sánchez Siles wrote:
> manu wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I have a laptop with a 852GM which used to work great with trunk
> until
> > the end of july; well it had a few rough edges when using xrandr too
> > much for tooglin between LVDS and VGA but it was OK.
> > Now since a big update in August viewing a video full screen using
> Xv
> > crashes the server (well xine crashes it right away and mplayer
> shows
> > the video correctly but crashes when exiting), whereas everything
> was
> > fine before (I did not update xine and mplayer in the meantime).
> > So I decided to bisect the driver, but it does not compile as the
> other
> > modules are too recent. So question is : how to bisect correctly?
> > Thanks,
> > Emmanuel
> >
> > PS: I attach the logs just in case you can already do something with
> > them
>   I think what you are experiencing is
>   Regarding the debugggin thing, I advise you to look into the great
> git
> documentation:
>   Mark as good the working git version and bad the first non-working
> git
> version, then test every version git is producing meanwhile.

Well that's what I had begun, but then I got compile error because the  
rest of Xorg is too recent it seems, but anyway I just observed that  
with the old version (the one that comes with Ubuntu Feisty) I get  
problems also but after several suspend/resume for example. So it looks  
more and more like a memory leak problem to me. I will try to catch up  
with the bugzilla entry you mentionned to see if I can help there.


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