How to compile a selected subset of xorg?

Fulko Hew fulko.hew at
Sun Sep 30 18:59:01 PDT 2007

On 9/30/07, Dimitry Golubovsky <golubovsky at> wrote:

> I need to compile a very narrow subset of Xorg to use in a diskless X
> terminal: all I need is basically a framebuffer driver, minimal subset
> of fonts, just few keyboard layouts, etc. I need all this built as a
> directories' subtree to copy over to the X-terminal's init ramdisk
> prototype file tree. Minimal size on disk is the goal: for example, du
> -bc on  xkb subtree results in ~2.4M of files; I definitely do not
> need all this.
> Is this possible to do with modular build? Best of all, if there is a
> menuconfig-style selection tool, but any editable build config would
> be OK.
> Perhaps there may be some toolsets for embedded devices, can anybody
> provide references?

I was refered to this wiki page when I was trying to build a subset myself.

I actually started _my_ build exercise using the shell script
mentioned in that wiki page called:
and picking the parts I wanted while still maintaining the
correct build order.
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