Problems with Googles Sketchup6

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Mon Aug 4 15:11:44 PDT 2008


I've found an AGP version of the ATI X1650 card but it will be a week or so 

One of the program I need to be able to run is Sketchup, which seems to run 
without errors under the new wine-1.0.

I say seems, because while there are a sparcity of messages if its started 
from a cli, the net result when it runs can be seen here:...  Well I was 
going to give a link, but all I can get from firefox is an access denial so 
Ok, got it: <>

As you can see, the frame and all the toolbars are drawn correctly, but the 
work window is stolen from several of the other screens that are setup on 
this machine, the pulldowns all seem to work but nothing can be seen for a 
drawing attempt.  If, for instance, I pulldown to print, I get a solid page 
of black on the paper, not what you can see in this image.

Using at the moment, an older visiontek 9200SE card with the ati/radeon 
drivers since the ATI binary drivers don't support an RV280 based card.
Linux install is F8, uptodate, and kernels vary, currently 2.6.27-rc1

Is this a wine problem yet, or some function sketchup assumes works that 
doesn't in the radeon driver?

And, will the X1650 ati card I have ordered fix it, or must I go back to the 
nvidia binary blobs on an nvidia card (I have a 3DForce-6200 too), that setup 
works very well on a friends machine which says its not a wine problem to me, 
with glxgears speeds 20x what I am currently getting with this old card & the 
radeon driver.

Cheers, Gene
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