xserver 1.5 rc6: sudden keyboard delay

john terragon terragonjohn at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 10:54:10 PDT 2008


I recently updated to the xserver 1.5 rc6 and 
the following strange thing started happening sometimes: 
for no apparent reason the keyboard starts placing a delay of like 1 or 2 
seconds between the time a key is pressed and the time the corresponding character appears. In other words if you keep pressed any key the first character comes out after 1 or 2 seconds......Also the shift and crtl keys stop working. I tried the normal keyboard driver and evdev  but this thing keeps happening with both.
It's X-related because if I switch to a text console (typing "chvt 15" takes ten seconds...), there things are still working (but everything is still messed up in X when I switch back)
Obviously, logging out and restarting the X server fixes the problem.

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar?

As a way of working around it, I wanted to try somehow to re-initialize the keyboard driver (the basic one or evedev) but since this happens on a laptop I can't unplug the keyboard. So I was looking for a way to do this via software. This would be easy 
if the problem was related to the touchpad because the psmouse module of the kernel can be simply removed and inserted back to prompt re-initialization in X. This doesn't seem to be possible with the evdev driver (at least the way my system is configured) because the evdev
module is always blocked by like 5 processes from HAL (but those could be dealt with by  shutting down hald) and the process of X (and that one I can't kill, clearly).

Does anyone know a way to prompt X to re-initialize the keyboard (or the whole evdev driver)?




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