xorg hang after resume

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Aug 7 01:37:04 PDT 2008

Doron Fediuk wrote:
> Thanks Sérgio.
> I'm referring to suspend and resume from RAM.
> I'm using sys-power/suspend-0.8 in Gentoo portage (comes from http://suspend.sourceforge.net/),
> which works well AFAIK. I checked with console, and resume from console works fine.
> Further more, I implemented your advices regarding "AGPMode" (using 4 now), and disabled "AGPFastWrite".
> Couldn't find a way to fix the following:
> [dri] Found DRI library version 1.3.0 and kernel module version 1.28.0
> I also removed evdev and radeonhd drivers, since I'm not using it.
> Behavior is still the same, and logs show no information about the hang reason.
> The strange thing is, that display starts to paint the windows (I can see the borders), and
> mouse is working, but then display freezes and keyboard is stuck (I need to cold start
> the machine every time- not good...)
> I'd appreciate any help !

Have you fiddled around with the vbetool options? You may need to run it 
after resume. There is a list/db of what actions to take as part of the 
hal package on other distros, e.g. my Dell has it's tweaks, ifs and buts in:
which is part of the hal-info package.

I use power_management.quirk.vbe_post but you can also try 
power_management.quirk.vbemode_restore (as our h/w is totally different!)

You can try these options via the command line as root, but I forget 
how, but it will be via hal-set-property.

Also you should confirm that it is purely a display problem by SSH'ing 
in from another machine on the network to make sure it is doing stuff 
properly. If you can't do that you can try a "sleep 3m; mplayer 
/some/music/file.mp3" before you suspend and see if you can hear it when 
you resume ;)



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