code done, but this remains

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sat Aug 9 18:00:37 PDT 2008

I think (and hope?) that all my coding is done, but realistically, I need to
track down my bugs in my testing, and I don't seem to be getting ANY of my new
Xorg drivers to load, so I need help to decode what this error means.

First, the background: I've used git to get all th e Xorg code (and mesa and
other requirements).  I am on FreeBSD, where the port stucks Xorg into
/usr/local/lib (which I dislike, personally), but I stuck everything associated
with my new buid into /usr/X11R7.4.  I am not sure if that's really the true,
actual name I shouild sue, but no matter, I AM using it.

I've used git to download all of the latest versino of the Xorg archives, and
played with enough of the various top level variables (like, the various CFLAGS)
to where it all builds and installs, including my new xf86-install_uclogic
driver directory.  I tried to activate that, merely by putting /usr/X11R7.4/bin
at the head of my path, and making sure that everything in /usr/X11R7.4 is
ldd'ing (loading the libraries) out of the correct directories.  I've run into a
bunch of the following errors in my Xorg.0.log (from all different drivers):

(EE) Failed to load module "kbd" (module requirement mismatch, 0)

What's that mean, "module requirements"?  Where do I set the module requirements
(both the needs in Xorg, and what's furnished by the drivers, and what it OUGHT
TO be, and how do I check the number set by my drivers?  I need to track this
down so I can get my testing running.


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