Voodoo driver

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Wed Aug 13 03:09:19 PDT 2008

The current Voodoo driver is completely broken. It crashes if
accelerated, misdetects the chip type and gets handed bogus mode data to
set up.

Now I don't expect anyone to care too much but peering at the code I'm
trying to work out two things which have broken so I can fix them

Firstly the driver detection is failing. The driver does 

	pVoo->pEnt = xf86GetEntityInfo(pScrn->entityList[0]);

then uses pEnt->chipset to see if it is Voodoo1 or Voodoo2. Somewhere in
the Xorg changes that stopped working but I don't see why. If I force it
with Chipset "Voodoo2" the correct answer appears

Secondly the driver does

  pScrn->currentMode = pScrn->modes;

in PreInit and then later in ScreenInit goes off to use the data but
finds that all the clock data is not set (mode->Clock etc are all zero)

That again didn't used to be the case.

Anyone have any ideas or know offhand what changed in these areas ?


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