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Wayne shhuango at
Sun Aug 17 19:22:17 PDT 2008


I've just upgraded my xorg to version (1.5.0 RC 6), and then I
have no idea how to enable mpx. I've done some research on and

First, I followed the instructions on to emerge input.x11_driver
into /etc/hal/fdi/policy/preferences.fdi, and then ran hal-device. I could find input.X11 
from the output.

Second, I tried to modify xorg.conf by referring
However, I still don't understand how to configure my xorg.conf because everytime an input
device are assiged to different event and mouse in /dev/input/. So, how do I configure the 
xorg.conf. I think maybe that is just because I don't understand how xorg works... > <;

Third, In,
I found using xinput --create-master "device name" to create additional cursors.
However, my xinput doesn't has --create-master. The version of my xinput is 1.3.0.
My xinput only has the following parameters,
usage :
    xinput get-feedbacks <device name>
    xinput set-ptr-feedback <device name> <threshold> <num> <denom>
    xinput set-integer-feedback <device name> <feedback id> <value>
    xinput set-button-map <device name> <map button 1> [<map button 2> [...]]
    xinput set-pointer <device name> [<x index> <y index>]
    xinput set-mode <device name> ABSOLUTE|RELATIVE
    xinput list [--short || <device name>...]
    xinput query-state <device name>
    xinput test [-proximity] <device name>
    xinput version 

Now, I only know I have to finish these three step in order to enable my mpx. I don't know
if there is more step I'm missing... > <; Could anyone help me please?!

Thanks all

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