X-Server restarting Issue

Deepak Bhatia deepak.bhatia at nechclst.in
Tue Aug 19 02:15:26 PDT 2008

Dear Alan,


We are using X11R7.1 in which when we want to change the multimonitor
mode from Clone/Independent/Expand, we stop the current X-Server


PID_X=`cat /tmp/.X0-lock`

wait $PID_X;


PID_X gets the PID of the current X Server running.


Then we start the X Server. But we get the following error


-XSERVTransSocketINETCreateListener:...SocketCreateListener() Failing


Cannot estabilish any listening sockets - Make sure that an X-Server
isn't already running.


Kindly let us know why we are getting this error.


Best Regards


Deepak Bhatia

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