problems of building xserver

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Wed Aug 20 02:27:37 PDT 2008

> Subject: Re: problems of building xserver> From: seb at> To: shhuango at> CC: xorg at> Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 10:17:11 +0100> > On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 06:19 +0000, Wayne wrote:> > Hi,> > > > I was building xserver by following> >> > While building app/bitmap, I got this error...> > > > ./configure: line 4003: syntax error near unexpected token 'BITMAP'> > ./configure: line 4003: 'XAW_CHECK_XPRINT_SUPPORT(BITMAP)'> > > > But, I had built lib/libXaw. I have no idea to fix it...> > Did I miss some steps of building???> > > > Wayne> > I came up against this as well myself, a few days ago. The problem is> that libXaw has changed - the developers have removed,> leaving only and is the one with> XPrint support in it (I think, this is slightly garbled as I am not an> expert on this) and has been removed as xprint is being deprecated.> > I got round it in some kludgy way by leaving an old copy of> around, if I recall correctly.> > I think (I may be wrong) that the maintainers of app/bitmap and similar> apps need to make some changes to their scripts> to come in line with changes to libXaw.> > Cheers,> > Seb James> > > Hey Seb,
Is there any solution to solve this problem except waiting the maintainer to fix it?
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