adb keyboard mapping

Joel Rees joel.rees at
Wed Aug 20 03:38:53 PDT 2008

I'm on openBSD on an ancient clamshell Japanese iBook, trying to get
the keyboad to map to the physical keycaps.

I've been asking about the problems on the ppc at list, thread here:

I've been using xmodmap in an attempt to brute-force the map, but the
key to the left of the delete key (keycaps give it as
yen{backslash}/bar/prolongedsound) and the key to the left of the
right shift key (keycaps give it as underscore/kanaRO). Also, the two
special keys either side of the space bar, the approximate macintosh
equivalent of the Eisuu and kana switch keys.

What I'm doing is

xmodmap -pke

to see what is assigned to what, and

xmodmap -e "keycode 255 asterisk"

repeating for all the keycodes that are unassigned, and then for all
the keycodes that I don't see produced from physically pressing the

Apparently, those keys are never mapped into the keycode matrix.

First question, does anyone here know why?

Second question, is there some standard way to bring them into the
keycode matrix?

And if there is no standard way to get those keys into the keycode
matrix, can someone point me to a good direction to compiling some
custom libraries to bring them in on my computer. I don't really want
to play games like mapping the virtual keypad to be able to type the
missing characters?

Joel Rees

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