[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at virtuousgeek.org
Mon Aug 25 17:25:39 PDT 2008

Here's the first 2.5.0 test release.  Should be about as stable as the 2.4.1
and upcoming 2.4.2 releases, but also includes GEM and kernel mode setting
code.  We haven't pushed the video tearing fixes yet, hopefully that'll be
upstream for the next test release.  Carl has made good progress on improving
EXA performance, but I think the scrolling case may still be sub-par, but
we're interested in getting feedback there.

I expect most people will be using this driver on top of a non-GEM kernel, so
bugs with that configuration will get priority.  However the driver should run
well on top of GEM enabled kernels (and a bit less well against mode setting
enabled kernels if you include the patches I posted to dri-devel recently,
though note that there's no video support with kernel mode setting yet).

The blocker list is getting pared down, 14/20 left on the list, and some of
those have test patches attached.

To build this release you'll need a git version of libdrm; hopefully we'll
see a release with the necessary bits soon.  Otherwise we'll probably just
pull the bufmgr bits out of libdrm git and stuff them into Mesa &
xf86-video-intel to make the final release.

Jesse Barnes, Intel Open Source Technology Center

Adam Jackson (1):
      Don't touch pScrn->monitor->DDC directly.

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Man page typo fixes

Carl Worth (9):
      Move VERTEX_BUFFERS setup from prepare_composite to composite
      Allow for multiple vertex buffers (though only use one for now)
      Use up to 256 separate vertex buffers
      Add intel_statuspage to .gitignore
      Add OUT_RELOC macro and backing intel_batch_emit_reloc function
      Switch to using a buffer object for the vertex buffer
      Eliminate unnecessary flush from i965_composite
      Add call to intel_bufmgr_gem_enable_reuse
      Call DRM_I915_GEM_THROTTLE from I830BlockHandler

Dave Airlie (2):
      [gem] remove one more unused bit
      intel: fix drm check.

Eric Anholt (35):
      Add initial GEM hacks to bring the server up.
      [gem] Reduce console spam from debugging.
      [gem] Note if pinning a buffer fails.
      Add a little program to dump out the first 64 dwords of the status page.
      Use batchbuffers instead of ring emits for general commands.
      Avoid needless flush emits in the blockhandler.
      Use the DRM for submitting batchbuffers when available.
      Change most usage of pixmap offsets to using a reloc macro.
      Use bufmgr_gem when available instead of the fake bufmgr.
      [gem] Don't set up the ring in GEM mode, as that'll be handled by the kernel.
      [gem] Chase move of create ioctl from generic to device-specific.
      Require libdrm 2.4.0 always since we need the bufmgr code.
      [gem] Catch -EINTR from blocking GEM ioctl and restart.
      Add little hotplug detector app.
      Remove VGA regs from debug output.
      Add DisplayPort registers.
      Initial HDMI work.  Not currently hooked up at startup.
      The phase shift its are now reserved, and add HDMI clock limits.
      Add pixel multiplier support for HDMI
      Set the sync active bits like we're supposed to, matching the BIOS.
      Get HDMI output working.
      Fix hdmi POSTING_READ to use the register number instead of the register value.
      Automatically detect the presence of HDMI.
      Fix a crash in i830_sdvo_init error paths by setting up dev_priv earlier.
      Set tiling state for buffers allocated using GEM.
      Fix DSPARB setting on 845/865, which have only the AEND field and 96 entries.
      Bump version number past the 2.4 stable branch.
      Get prototype for i830_bios_get_tv().
      Fix uninitialized-use warning in i830_debug.c ring dumping.
      Fix distcheck.
      Don't set up the HWS page in GEM mode now that the kernel manages it.
      intel-gem: Give a better error message if the kernel rejects the tiling mode.
      intel-gem: Use new getparam to detect kernel GEM support.
      intel_idle: Instead if #if 0, add an ignore flag for unreliable INSTDONE bits.
      Set lvds_ddc_mode before use to avoid a segfault on mac mini.

Hong Liu (1):
      Fix SDVO HDMI output.

Jesse Barnes (44):
      Add support for keeping vblank counters sane across mode setting
      Fix back buffer damage handler for 965+ chips
      Remove ErrorF debugging from modeset ioctl
      Add pipe a force enable quirk for Lenovo T60
      Add pipea force enable quirk for HP Pavilion ze4944ea
      Improve FBC size checking
      Improve VBIOS feature detection, add SSC support
      Add VBIOS based TV connector detection
      Don't disable pipe A on 855 chips
      Choose a split for DSPARB based on the configured modes for both planes.
      Add no LVDS quirk for Transtec Senyo 610 mini PC
      Update DSPARB while planes are still off
      Update man page
      Reorganize VBIOS code
      Revert "Switch to using a buffer object for the vertex buffer"
      Initial port of kernel modesetting from old intel-kernelmode branch
      Make it actually build the kernel stuff if possible
      Add EXA pixmap management functions for kernel mode setting
      Update DRM based modesetting support
      Don't wait for ring if kernel mode setting is active
      Don't run old accel init code
      Don't set tiling (yet) if kernel mode setting is active
      Map gen4 render state buffer before initializing
      Make EXA & UXA share bo getting function
      Use pwrite for cursor updates
      Fixup AccelMethod kernel mode setting code
      Map/unmap render state only when bo is available
      Fix pipe A force quirk
      Remove last TTM bits
      Pack bdb_general_definitions block
      Remove unused VBIOS flag defines
      Add VBIOS software flags dumper program
      Add quirk for pre-915s with working PFIT regs
      Bail out if kernel mode setting is active but DRI fails
      Don't allocate EXA offscreen space if kernel mode setting is active
      Use GTT mapping for EXA PrepareAccess function
      Add swf_dumper to .gitignore
      Add more panel debugging info to register dump & vbios reader
      Don't allocate a pipe for hotplug detection
      Don't disable planes in i830_update_dsparb
      Fix compiler warnings in VBIOS utils
      Hide kernel mode setting EXA code behind XF86DRM_MODE
      Update version to 2.4.97 for first 2.5 test release
      Fix UXA build for distcheck

Julien Cristau (5):
      Fix gen4asm rule to work with a build dir
      Link the driver with -lpciaccess and -ldrm if needed
      Link with -lm for sin/cos
      Fix up the HP Pavilion ze4944ea quirk
      Don't skip the checks for DRI headers with --enable-dri

Keith Packard (20):
      Set pin alignment for gem on non-965
      Use GEM for buffer naming now.
      Fix up ring dumping code for non-i965
      Move a declaration under #ifndef HAVE_FREE_SHADOW
      Record alignment requirements in mem structure for use by GEM.
      Track name changes in GEM ioctls.
      Add check for GEM, use that to enable driver GEM support
      Remove some unreliable regs for i915
      Flush pending batch in block handler
      Add UXA - the unified memory acceleration architecture.
      Make EXA functions work for UXA as well
      Don't call sync on prepare_access -- just let the driver deal with it.
      Use dri_bo for all object allocations, including pixmaps under uxa
      Add throttling
      Add batch flush in i830_uxa_prepare_access
      Change PrepareAccess to take access mode rather than index
      Rename uxa using _ instead of caps
      Use EXA by default instead of UXA until we have GTT mapping
      [uxa] Check xalloc returns and deal with failure
      [uxa] Remove unused pixmap size limits.

Olivier Fourdan (2):
      Apply pipe A quirk to 845 as well.
      Fix DPMS off in the presence of the pipe A quirk.

Roland Test-tools Bär (1):
      i810: Remove an effectively unused variable (only used in an incorrect free())

Shaohua Li (1):
      avoid duplicate mode set in lvds

Stefan Dirsch (1):
      Add pipea force enable quirk for another 855GM machine.

Tomas Carnecky (1):
      Reorder visuals reported by the intel driver

Zhenyu Wang (33):
      Add support for Intel 4 series chipsets.
      Add backlight kernel method support on Asus and Eeepc
      xvmc: formalize surface type definition
      xvmc: environ debug option support
      xvmc: init one-time mc context once
      xvmc: init dest and reference buffer once
      xvmc: init mc render load indirect command once
      xvmc: only allocate memory requiring physical address on 915G
      xvmc: enlarge batch buffer size
      xvmc: Don't copy on xvmc surface in PutImage
      xvmc: fix motion_type dump for frame/field picture
      Fix SDVOC typo
      Give asus and eeepc backlight method higher priority
      Fix official name for GM45 chipset
      move FBC register dump out of display registers
      xvmc: use vector based structure
      Only initialize integrated TV encoder for mobile chips
      Thinkpad R60e TV quirk via DMI info
      Check underrun on enabled pipe
      SSC is LVDS only
      only check pipe underrun if vtSema is true.
      Bug #16801: fix X crash when NoAccel on 965
      Fix HDMI output number
      Fix distcheck for clean doltcompile
      shut up gcc warning
      Don't program dsparb on new Intel chip
      Fix SDVO reg definition
      Fix SDVO HDMI encoding detect (#16920)
      Disable display clock gating for 4 series chips
      Fix possible spurious interrupts in hotplug detect on 4 series chip
      Make skip_panel_detect clear for its meaning
      Always check and free driver private in LVDS destroy
      Fix reverted LVDS bios capability dword definition

Zou Nan hai (1):
      Fix from He Shuang(shuang.he at intel.com),

lipeng (1):
      Fix GPIO pin usage for DDC on second HDMI port.

git tag: xf86-video-intel-

MD5: 68b1aeda2547a7fce8aecf0d6535a232  xf86-video-intel-
SHA1: 1581655525ec33be2d9f3273ac7339518f358ab8  xf86-video-intel-

MD5: 47215d1548c51ad969df9bf2419c0305  xf86-video-intel-
SHA1: 66f4d78a6dfbd7b414b2eb249da37f0d86aa4817  xf86-video-intel-

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