[PATCH] Re-open devices on read error.

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Aug 26 21:37:35 PDT 2008

Coming back from resume may leave us with an invalid file descriptor and a
dead device.

Affected by this is any evdev device specified in the xorg.conf. 
Devices added through HAL are not affected.

The attached patches do the following:
Patch 0001-Attempt-to-re-open-devices-on-read-errors.patch
- if ENODEV occurs on the fd, try to reopen the device file. 
- keep repeating up to ReopenAttempts or success.

For more fun, the fd may be still be valid during DEVICE_ON and then become
invalid by the time we hit ReadInput.

Patch 0002-Cache-device-information-and-compare-against-info-af.patch
- cache ioctl information during PreInit
- if reopen succeeds, compare new ioctl with cached one. If it is different,
  the device topology has changed. Disable the device.

Review would be appreciated.

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