questions of upgrading xserver

Wayne shhuango at
Wed Aug 27 23:57:22 PDT 2008

Hi all,
I've built a xserver in my ubuntu. My system has included
a xserver, and I built a new xserver in /opt/modular/.
Now I want my system run the new server automatically
when booting. How to do?
In /opt/modular/, it includes:
    bin/  etc/  include/  lib/  share/  var
I copied each of them into the following folders:
    bin         =>  /usr/bin
    etc        =>  /etc
    include   =>  /usr/include
    lib          =>  /usr/share
    var        =>   /var
And then I think you can guess, it doesn't work...
My system can't login xserver...
How to run thes new xserver automatically when booting?
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