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> > I copied each of them into the following folders:> > bin => /usr/bin> > etc => /etc> > include => /usr/include> > lib => /usr/share> > var => /var> > last I checked you can't just copy everything, some paths get compiled in.> So you either need to compile with prefix=/usr, or you just leave the stuff in> /opt/modular.> > The following should do the trick for most setups:> ln -s /opt/modular/bin/Xorg /usr/bin/X> Thanks Peter. I'm going to try the second choice, leaving them in /opt/modular
and do "ln -s /opt/modular/bin/Xorg /usr/bin/X"
Do I need add /opt/modular/lib to /etc/
In my original xserver, xorg.conf doesn't set the path of the keyboard and mouse,
but keyboard and mouse work. In my new xserver, if I didn't set the path of the
keyboard, it wouldn't work. Now, the keyboard works in my new xserver after
I set the path in xorg.conf. However, no mattar how I set the path of the mouse,
it won't work. I set the path as /dev/input/by-path/xxxxxxx-mouse in xorg.conf.
In Xorg.0.log, it said it couldn't find device which matchs "mouse".
Why the mouse and keyboard work in my original xserver without setting in
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