questions of upgrading xserver

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at
Thu Aug 28 06:28:18 PDT 2008

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 08:02:24AM +0000, Wayne wrote:
>    Thanks Peter. I'm going to try the second choice, leaving them in
>    /opt/modular
>    and do 'ln -s /opt/modular/bin/Xorg /usr/bin/X'
>    Do I need add /opt/modular/lib to /etc/
>    What if I compile xserver with prefix=/usr by Do I need to
>    compile
>    driver and font? Or, just compile proto, lib, mesa, app and xserver?
>    Because I think the new xserver can use the drivers of the original
>    xserver.s

to make life easier for you in the long run, compile everything with the same

>    In my original xserver, xorg.conf doesn't set the path of the keyboard
>    and mouse,
>    but keyboard and mouse work. In my new xserver, if I didn't set the
>    path of the
>    keyboard, it wouldn't work. Now, the keyboard works in my new xserver
>    after
>    I set the path in xorg.conf. However, no mattar how I set the path of
>    the mouse,
>    it won't work. I set the path as /dev/input/by-path/xxxxxxx-mouse in
>    xorg.conf.
>    In Xorg.0.log, it said it couldn't find device which matchs 'mouse'.

this sounds more like a misconfiguration than an actual issue with the device path.
could it be that it picks up the wrong drivers and they don't get loaded due
to ABI mismatches? recompile with the same prefix and try again.


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