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Aaron Plattner aplattner at
Fri Aug 29 22:58:57 PDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 03:50:32AM +0000, Wayne wrote:
> Hi all, I hope this might be helpfull. I've beencompiling xserver these days. While compiling, someerrors happened because some file needed was missing.After I copied them to where they were supposed to be,the compilation went well. However, I'm sure if it was right.
> All source were downloaded from git. 1. xserver/hw/xfree86/comon:    atKeynames.h  xf86Version.h  xf86Version.c 2. driver/xf86-input-vmmouse/src:    xf86OSmouse.h 3. driver/xf86-input-mouse/src:    Line 48 in, xf86OSMouse.h should be    xf86OSmouse.h 4. driver/xf86-video-sunffb/src:    ffb_drishare.h
> 5. driver/xf86-video-nv/compat:
>    missing two folders: parser/ and modes/

If you're going to make dist from the git tree, you need to symlink the
modes and parser directories from a copy of xserver.  See the README in the
compat directory.

You shouldn't need those to just build the driver if you have xserver 1.3
or higher.

> 6. driver/xf86-video-ati/src:    I downloaded two days ago, and the compilation went well.    However, this morning I downloaded again. the compilation went wrong.    missing: radeon_common.h  radeon_dripriv.h  radeon_sarea.h 7. app/xphelloworld/    Line 78 and 112, 'xaw8' should be 'xaw7' 8. app/xfindproxy:    proto/pmproto is needed to be added in for building 9. app/xphelloworld:    proto/printproto, lib/libXp, lib/libXprintUtil and libXprintAppUtil are needed    to be added in for building CheersWayne

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