Evdev drops all keyboard events with code > 255?

Mattias Nissler mattias.nissler at gmx.de
Wed Dec 3 23:31:27 PST 2008


I just got my new USB DVB-T dongle, which features an IR receiver and
comes with a remote. It sort of works, but I have the following problem:
My X server is configured to use evdev for all its input. This is fine
also for the remote, since the kernel generates key input events for all
buttons I can press on the remote (checked that with the input-events
utility). However, xorg's evdev input driver currently drops all
keyboard events with code < 255 (I've checked input-evdev-2.0.7, which
I'm running, but the code seems to be the same for the current master
branch). Thus, the buttons that happen to generate linux input keys with
code > 255 do not show up in the X server, since input-evdev discards
them (at least it prints a message in the log when doing so).

Question is why this is the case and what can be done to overcome this
situation. Anyone have patches/workarounds for this problem or an idea
how to solve this?


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