very bad, and very weird, scrolling text performance xorg 1.5.3 intel 2.5.1 GM965

Tiago Vignatti vignatti at
Mon Dec 22 09:39:44 PST 2008

Daniel Stone escreveu:
> On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 08:54:28PM -0200, Tiago Vignatti wrote:
>> (and yes, we definitely need to separate it in a subset)
> Didn't cworth already do that? :)

We currently have routing to the identical content of

I remember that cworth already did a list of blogs that should be in 
p.x.o. So now just left some admin work to put it effectively working. 
Should we poke benjsc or dberkholz for that?  :)

Tiago Vignatti
C3SL - Centro de Computação Científica e Software Livre

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