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Mon Feb 11 20:33:33 PST 2008

That was ..umm quite interesting,

Keith Packard was impressive, at the same time, it was quite light on X,
perhaps they should forget that they are presenting to the audience sitting
in front of them,
and think about us, who watch it on the internet. Wish the next time he
decides to speak,
he goes in all the gory details of X innards.

also do these folks make the PPT available somewhere to download.

and what was that in the background on the monitors to the left of the
presentation? I had a hard time ignoring that (and Bart) while listening to
the presentation.

Is there another occasion coming up soon, for Keith Packard to speak on?
If so perhaps he could ask for suggestions (on this mailing list) on what
topics we all would like him to discuss,
(to make it more us that is)


On Feb 8, 2008 9:52 AM, Pat Kane <pekane52 at> wrote:

> Here is an interesting  Google Tech Talk
>  Google Tech Talks
>  February, 7 2008
>  A few years ago, development of the X Window System was
>  revitalized by a change in management and the rise of a
>  new generation of machines and operating systems. This
>  talk is a tour of X, with emphasis on the things that are
>  new and the things that are to come: advances in 2D
>  rendering, use of 3D hardware, high-quality typography,
>  revamped input support, client-side migration of
>  responsibilities, and new support for the critical layers
>  of software between the server and the toolkit. It's the
>  seventh Year of the Linux Desktop, and the future has
>  never looked shinier.
>  Speaker: Keith Packard, Intel
>  Keith Packard was employee number three at the MIT X
>  Consortium, and has written a substantial portion of the
>  open-source X Window System server. He currently works
>  for Intel, and is a founding Board Member of the X.Org
>  Foundation.
>  Speaker: Barton C Massey, Portland State University
>  Bart Massey is an Associate Professor of Computer Science
>  at Portland State University, and Secretary of the X.Org
>  Foundation. His current research interests are in
>  development and deployment of open hardware and software
>  technologies.
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