Xinerama dead? If not, Xinerama and Compiz-Fusion?

Chad masterclc at
Wed Feb 20 12:41:18 PST 2008


I've been reading threads all day regarding the use of Xinerama.  I've
been using TwinView (GeForce 7600GT) but it had some quarks.  I have 2
different size monitors, 1 19" square (1600x1200) and 1 19" wide
(1440x900) connected to the DVI ports on the card.  With Twinview
there was no way to have both monitors at their max resolution,
instead the wide had a resolution of 1440x1200 and "panned" up and
down.  After working with it for some time it grew very undesirable
and I looked at alternatives.  Today I setup Xinerama, and it's
perfect.  Windows move seamlessly between monitors and both monitors
are max resolution.  Woohoo!  But, I've been using Compiz-Fusion
(Gentoo, Gnome, Metacity) and now with Xinerama I can no longer use
Compiz-Fusion.  I've temporarily switched to XFCE4 until I can figure
out the problem and fix it.

So, enough background... The threads I've been following seem to
suggest Xinerama has been replaced with xRandr2?  If so, how do I
"switch"?  If not, can anyone point me to the bug culprit.  Nvidia
blames Compositing Managers, Compiz lists seem to suggest it is both,
and some random threads seem to suggest it's a bug in X [generically

My system:
Gentoo 2.6.23
Nvidia-drivers 169.09-r1  (I use the binary drivers because I was told
I need to in order to get dual monitor with Compiz-Fusion working and
hardware acceleration)

Thanks for any suggestions, ideas, rants, raves, and conjecture.


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