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manisha salve msalve at
Thu Feb 21 03:00:50 PST 2008

Hi all ,

I am writing a Kdrive DDX driver . I have implemented Solid and CopyArea
acceleration functions.I  am facing  problem in UploadToScreen function.
In UploadToScreen function , we can copy pixmap from system memory to
Offscreen memory.I am using the normal CopyArea feature of graphics
contoller for both Copy and UploadToScreen functions , as my graphics
controller can access whole system memory. Copy from offscreen (or
framebuffer ) memory to offscreen(or framebuffer) memory  works properly .
But Copy from system memory to offscreen memory gives wrong data (corrupted

Is it because of any format difference in system memory PIxmap and offscreen
memory Pixmap ????
I have gone through the ati driver for UploadToScreen implementation. In ati
driver , it writes each 32-bits to DMA buffer , is it because of format
difference ???because if ati card can read the system memory address , it
can use normal CopyArea acceleration for the same. Cant we use Copy Area
acceleration for UploadToScreen ????

Thanks in advance
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