Hardware overlay on G35 too?

Mikko Mäkinen mimakine at kapsi.fi
Mon Feb 25 07:05:47 PST 2008


I modified the second patch from Maxim Levitsky as follows:

#define HW_HAS_OVERLAY(pI810) (!IS_I965G(pI810) || DEVICE_ID(pI810->PciInfo) == PCI_CHIP_G35_G)

Now, xvinfo gives me:

 	Adaptor #1: "Intel(R) Video Overlay"
 	  number of ports: 1
 	  port base: 108

Starting xine with video.device.xv_port:108 in config gives:

 	video_out_xv: using Xv port 108 from adaptor Intel(R) Video Overlay for hardware colour space conversion and scaling.
 	video_out_xv: this adaptor supports the YUY2 format.
 	video_out_xv: this adaptor supports the YV12 format.

And I get a picture too, without tearing!

Is this really possible, or am I only seeing tear-free playback due to some sort of a psychological effect??


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