Xorg 7.4 release plan

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Tue Feb 26 15:20:19 PST 2008

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 02:06:52PM -0500, Adam Jackson wrote:
> Input is not stable.  Since the last time I rebased X in fedora, I've
> had complaints about inability to switch keymaps, broken control-alt-foo
> combos, stuck axes on mice, keymap changes disappearing at runtime, etc.
> We never shipped 1.4 in fedora, but afaict XKB was fairly broken there
> too.  I'm really loathe to revert XKB to its 1.3 implementation, but in
> the absence of fixes, I'll do what needs doing.

I'm expecting to get a pretty stable implementation (and whack all the
bugs out) within the next three weeks or so.  Unfortunately the last few
weeks have been travel-heavy, but there's nothing on the horizon for
about a three-week period at the start of March.

> Likewise input hotplug
> needs a sensible transition plan before I can really ship it.

It's really up to the distros.  If you do all the legwork to make sure
HAL is enabled and will DTRT, then there's really nothing to do beyond
not shipping kbd and mouse and disabling the fallbacks.  Most of the
pain comes from trying not to leave non-evdev users in the cold; having
peoples' X servers come up with zero way to kill it is bad.

> In light of discussions about various people's time commitments at LCA,
> I'm going to be taking the release manager role for this one, with Eric
> and Daniel acting as deputies for things like patch review.  My interest
> is primarily in the server component; driver maintainers, if there's a
> specific branch I should be looking at for 7.4 inclusion, please notify
> me, otherwise I'll assume releases should happen from git master.


I'll probably try to smack input stuff around in a branch, and I'll let
you know what's going on there.  Also, as penance for my awful FOSDEM
talk, I'm going to be adding a load of documentation to the wiki, and
I'll try to note the status of various branches in these.

> Questions?  Comments?  Favorite burger topping?

The Chicken Caesar burger at PA's was amazing (when they had it: alas,
no longer, as it's a bit of a skanky student dive again).  Burger with
chicken, bacon and cheese all melted together, and lettuce with Caesar
dressing.  Simple, but beautiful (but not quite as good as the chicken
Caesar pizza at The Match back in Bendigo -- holy).

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