Dual screen configuration with eeePC

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Wed Feb 27 03:40:16 PST 2008


I just got one of these new eeePCs. Great gadget! I'd just like to use 
an external screen when I'm at home (external mouse and keyboard work 
flawlessly). My question is: how can I do a good X11 setup?

The German eeePC does not offer more than 1024x768 screen resolution on 
the external screen. I've read some howtos on the internet about 
increasing the resolution (e.g. 
However, this procedure does not work with my screen: I'm seeing only 
snow if I just set the virtual screen size to my screen's resolution 
(1680x1050). On my other PC with Suse, the screen works fine. 
Apparently, the mode line on the eeePC is not right.

Attached to this email, you may find the xorg.conf of my eeePC and the 
xorg.conf that Suse generates when driving my monitor properly. So
- How can I transplant the monitor settings from the Suse configuration 
to the eeePC configuration?
- Is there a way to use both screens simultaneously? Ideally, I'd like 
to use both screens next to each other, each showing a different area of 
the desktop. How do I write that into xorg.conf?

Thanks so much in advance for your help.


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