kernel modesetting progress report....

Maarten Maathuis madman2003 at
Thu Feb 28 13:39:05 PST 2008

On 2/28/08, Dave Airlie <airlied at> wrote:
> >  Please don't let any api freezing depend on fedora core, at least give
>  >  external parties time to play with it once it's reasonably stable,
>  >  this will undoubtely reveal limitations. It should be in mainline drm
>  >  well before api freezing it.
>  >
> It's not called Fedora core any more :), but I won't be setting the
>  API in stone, I'll just be having people justify themselves for
>  changing it..
>  Who are these external parties you speak off? if they aren't involved
>  with development then I don't really care... please try and play
>  with the API
>  now, you completely contradict yourself in that statement, how I can
>  it be reasonably stable if you expect it to be full of limitations?

Those external parties would refer to me. My original intention was to
wait for a feature complete api (something in mainline drm), because i
simply do not have the time to "play around" with it, nor is the
porting a trivial effort. I would be surprised if everything was
perfect from the start.

>  But in any case don't worry the API won't be frozen I'll deal with the
>  hit in Fedora...
>  Dave.

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