[xf86-video-intel] Xserver lockup when running OpenGL applications

Leandro leandro.lupori at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 07:50:37 PST 2008

> you may use 2.1 branch of intel-video drive which supports i915tex

I used i915tex-compat drm, mesa-7.0.2, xserver-1.4 and the 2.1 branch
of intel-video. I got some build errors with intel-video, like:
i830_driver.c: In function 'I830DrmMMInit':
i830_driver.c:2115: error: 'drm_mm_init_arg_t' has no member named 'req'

I830DrmMMInit and some other functions are enclosed by an #ifndef
XSERVER_LIBDRM_MM,  and this 'req' member isn't present in recent drm
versions. So, I added a
after i830_driver.c includes.
The build went without errors and now the lockups are gone!

> btw why do you need GL_EXT_framebuffer_object  ?

I need GL_EXT_framebuffer_object to run vmware with 3d support. Now
vmware don't crash on start up anymore, it loads Windows but crash
when I try to test Direct 3D:
Jan 10 11:09:36.025: mks| Couldn't get a suitable GLXFBConfig.
Jan 10 11:09:36.075: mks| Host running out of vram in creating a new context
Jan 10 11:09:36.075: mks| Caught signal 11 -- tid 1300

But now it looks more like a vmware problem than a driver problem...


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