video switching (centrino 2)

Florian Echtler floe at
Tue Jul 15 23:11:11 PDT 2008

> This reminds me of another feature I saw being discussed ( can't remember
> where ) a while back. What would be really cool would be the ability to
> migrate X clients between X servers. I could for example log into my home
> server, and migrate my Eclipse IDE to my PC at work, save some stuff I
> forgot to save, and then save and disconnect the session. It ( Eclipse )
> would then sit waiting for some other X server to pick it up again. The
> other example of course is the current one, where you could save all X
> client info, restart the X server, and then pick everything back up again -
> desktop and all. I suppose you'd need another thin server layer to remain
> running to make this work? Don't know. Sounds cool though.

I think your best bet for this functionality is xpra [1]. I haven't tried 
it myself yet, but it looks quite well thought out.

However, this leads me to a question of my own: how well do these things 
work with 2D/3D acceleration? As xpra pipes everything through Xvfb, I 
would assume that it simply doesn't..

Yours, Florian

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