gtk+ and randr

Ben Gamari ben at
Sun Jul 20 13:57:19 PDT 2008

Howdy all,

As many of you probably know, GTK+ has apparently been calling
XRRGetScreenResources() on startup for some time now. Having a laptop, I
occasionally find myself using VGA displays which, for the last few
months, flickered horribly when starting a gtk+ application due to EDID
probing (as I reported in bug #16224 [1]). Earlier this week, this issue
was worsened when I pulled down the latest xorg commits from git. On my
intel hardware, even the LVDS output now flickers when starting a gtk+

While I have run across a few discussions[2][3] on how to resolve this
issue, I haven't seen any definitive plans. Most of the proposals I've
seen from the gtk+/gnome people revolve around doing caching in the X
server. Is this a reasonable course of action from the perspective of
the X server?  Discuss.


- Ben

P.S. xorg readers, I truly apologize for the double-post but I think 
it's important that the gtk people actually recieve this message. I
should have definitely checked to confirm the mailing list address


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