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Daniel Stone daniel at
Sun Jul 20 15:56:06 PDT 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 07:13:59AM +1000, Dave Airlie wrote:
> I do not see the point of adding autoconfig for drivers we don't ship
> with
> Please ship the driver source with and we can add autoconfigure support.


As I said on IRC (it was asked around for on IRC last week, when I
wasn't around: not that I begrudge you for that, god knows I've been
guilty of the same), it's a driver we cannot even begin to support.  We
keep a product in our Bugzilla merely to ensure we don't waste our time
with a binary-only driver.  Likewise, we deflect support queries on the
mailing list to the vendor.

I appreciate your decision to ship a binary-only driver.  It's not my
concern, nor is it my place to tell you (NVIDIA) what to do.  X.Org's
license even allows this sort of thing, for good or bad.  (Perhaps if we
had better documentation, the SI could merely be that: a _sample_

What you're doing, aside from being partially pointless (this will
rarely work in master due to ABI changes, and no-one outside of some
admittedly very nice buildings in Mountain View can recompile), is
imposing an additional support burden on X.Org.  Why would we ever
recommend -- and use by default -- something which we cannot support?
We can barely even support nv as it is.  Having NVIDIA's business
decision to write a closed-source driver imposed on a volunteer group of
open source developers is rather distasteful.

Please revert, as we do not, cannot, and will not support binary-only
drivers.  You're welcome to attempt to convince distributions of its
merit, however: it's a free world.

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