iNexio touchscreen driver

Richard Lemon richard at
Wed Jun 18 23:42:03 PDT 2008

Hi All,

I have written an X input driver for the iNexio touchscreen, the  
source can be found on

The previous solution involved patching gpm and using the  
gpmsumma_drv X input driver (check 
mtouch/). Unfortunately I the old gpmsumma_drv.o wouldn't load with X  
7.2 and I couldn't find the source, hence the new driver.

I have also written an evdev driver which is available at  http://

Because the screens are serial based the X input driver is the easier  
to configure, the evdev driver requires that you run inputattach to  
associate the driver with the serial port.

I would like to have the driver considered for inclusion into the  
mainline repository if possible.


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