Bluetooth - Bluetake Presenter BTU-01

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at
Thu May 1 05:08:17 PDT 2008

Jelle de Jong wrote:
> I attached the testing files: If somebody can take a look at them this 
> will be greatly appreciated:
> I got some more test files if, I need to make a bug report please 
> provide me with the link and a subject that I must use:
> Bluetooth - Bluetake Presenter BTU-01.txt
> evtest-log.txt
> xorg-log-crash.txt
> xorg.conf
> data.bin

please attach them to a bugreport on

aside from that, it looks like evdev doesn't parse the device properly. 
Seems somewhat a common problem. Now evdev has seen a bit of rework 
since (as in de-complexification). Can you please get a more recent 
version of evdev (ideally from git, makes it a lot easier to debug) and 
try again.



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