18/24 bit LVDS output with "i810" or "intel" driver

Jan Kandziora jjj at gmx.de
Fri May 2 04:05:06 PDT 2008


we use embedded boards (Kontron KEEX-4000) with the Intel 852GM graphics chip 
for some cash register device. It has a 24 bit TFT display with LVDS input. 
Our pilot lot worked good so far.

Lately, the board vendor delivered the first regular lot, which had only 
support for 18 bit LVDS display in the BIOS. So the 24 bit display is too 
dark, as it only gets 25% saturation from the board. I know this is the board 
vendor's fault, but I'm a little in the hurry so I don't want to wait several 
weeks until we get an updated BIOS. So my question:

Is there any quick and dirty hack to enable the 24 bit LVDS serializing at 
least in the i810/intel xorg driver? The 852GM chip supports it, says its 

I could apply a patch, even develop one myself. I just need some in-deep 

Kind regards

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