GL_EXT_framebuffer_object on Intel 855GM

Teemu Ikonen tpikonen at
Sat May 3 16:07:42 PDT 2008

[sorry about the previous incomplete message sent to the list]

Hi all,

I just built the whole X stack (with the exception of Gallium) from
git with the help of instructions at in an effort to get my Intel
855GM graphics device to support the framebuffer object extension.
Although the i915 dri drivers do contain the fbo code, I had no luck
getting it to work. The server works, although with some text
rendering defects, but the extension is not there.

Can this extension be supported at all with this hardware?

Would I need to compile the i915tex_branch of mesa? Apparently that
branch only comes with a Makefile, not an autoconf based build system,
making installation a bit tricky.



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