ATI fglrx driver and component output

Rob lists at
Tue May 6 13:40:39 PDT 2008

Has anyone gotten component output to TV working with the fglrx ATI 
driver and an Integrated X1250?  I can get a picture, but it is grey 
(monochrome).  I have tried various options in my xorg.conf file and 
have succeeded in getting the picture to become very blue.  I've spent 
many hours googling, and have tried many options, but I can't seem to 
get better than this.  Can anyone provide some help or point me to 
another place to look for?  I've attached my xorg.conf for reference 
(and you'll see it's been heavily hacked up).


P.S. Should this question go here, or to the xorg-driver-ati list?
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